Roblox Treasure Quest Codes (2024)

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You have one goal in Treasure Quest: to get all the treasure the world has to offer. In this game that draws heavy influence from the popular Roblox simulator game-type, you must fight your way through dangerous dungeons and complete heroic quests to obtain the biggest piles of loot and line your pockets with valuables and coin beyond measure.

Of course, you can make your quest much easier with codes, instead. Whether you're a veteran treasure hunter or completely new to the game, our codes list below can provide special boosts that make it easier to battle monsters, find rare treasure, and even earn the gold you so desperately seek. Even the most masterful treasure hunter knows better than to turn down an opportunity to earn more gold!

While you are using our Treasure Quest codes below, don't forget we have guides for many things in the game, such as All the Energy Blade Locations, how to get the Elemental Blade, and How to get the Frozen Wings! We also have codes for all the most popular combat and raid-based Roblox games, such as All Star Tower Defense and Shindo Life.

All Treasure Quest Codes

Treasure Quest Codes (Available)

Here's a look at a list of all the currently available codes:

  • WRATH—Redeem for a Speed Potion (New)
  • SUMMERRR—Redeem for a Luck Potion (New)
  • 2024JUNE1—Redeem for a Luck Potion (New)
  • 2024JUNE2—Redeem for a Super Luck Potion (New)
  • 2024JUNE3—Redeem for a Speed Potion (New)
  • 2024JUNE4—Redeem for a Super Luck Potion (New)
  • HALFDECADE—Redeem for a Limited Time Cosmetic
  • SEASON10—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • FLOWERFIELD—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • SEASON9—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • SORRY4THEBUGS—Redeem for a Chest
  • MAPBUILDER—Redeem for a Chest
  • 292024—Redeem for a Luck Chest
  • like_super_golf—Redeem for a Skin Chest
  • GROTTOOOOO—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • WINTER2023—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SPOOKIESTMANSION—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • WEEKLYCOMPETITIONS2—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • SKULLGOURDOP—Redeem for a Jump Potion
  • NEWDUNGEONWHAT—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • SKILLPOINTS—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • DUNGEONCHANGESWOOHOO—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • BRIGHTESTBEACH—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • ELEMENTUSREVENGE—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • SUMMER2023—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • ENDLESSMODIFIERS—Redeem for a Super Luck Potion
  • PRIDE2023—Redeem for a Pride Flag
  • TQ4YEARBIRTHDAY!!!—Redeem for four or more Cosmetics
  • DAILYDUNGEONS—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • HALFABILLION!—Redeem for 500 Million Effect
  • SPRING2023—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • CODECODECODE123123—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • WEEKLYCOMPETITIONS—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • GLORY—Redeem for Damage Potion
  • 1MILLIONFAVORITES—Redeem for 1 Million Stars Effect (Level 100+)
  • SEASON4—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • WAVEDEFENSE—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • ARCHER—Redeem for an Archer potion
  • WINTER2022—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • HYPERFROSTS REVENGE—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SPOOKYTIME—Redeem for Skin Chest
  • FALL2022—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • GHOULPLASMRETURNS—Redeem for a Jump Potion
  • thx_for300klikes—Redeem for an XP Potion
  • SAUCE—Redeem for an XP Potion
  • RATIO—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • AMOGUS—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • QUIRKY—Redeem for a Lucky Potion
  • WHOASKED—Redeem for an XP Potion
  • BOOST—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • NOOB—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • ICYBOI—Redeem for an XP Potion
  • BOZO—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • STRONK—Redeem for a Damage Potion
  • POG—Redeem for XP Potion
  • WHAT—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • PAUSE—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SECRET—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • blizmid—Redeem for an Avalanche weapon
  • drip—Redeem for a Speed Potion

Treasure Quest Codes (Expired)

  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS3—Redeem for Best Gift Ever Skin
  • BRIGHT&SUNNY—Redeem for a Speed Potion
  • verycoolcode—Redeem for a Gold Potion
  • TQ3YEARS—Redeem for Three & Free
  • PRIDE—Redeem for the Pride Flag
  • GOODLUCKPLZ!!!—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • MONOLITHRETURNS—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SPRING2022—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SMOGSANCTUM—Redeem for an XP Potion
  • NEWDUNGEONHYPE—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • PROLOBBY—Redeem for XP Potion
  • anothaone—Redeem for a Reward
  • surpriseee—Redeem for a Reward
  • GHOULPLASM—Redeem for 10 Backpack Slots
  • SHOPUPDATE—Redeem for Speed Potion
  • RIPBRIGHTBEACH—Redeem for Luck Potion
  • VACATION—Redeem for Unique Potion
  • SUMMERTIME2021—Redeem for XP Potion
  • TQ2YEARS—Redeem for Two & Through
  • 300MILLIONVISITS—Redeem for earn 10 Backpack Slots
  • SUPERSUNNY—Redeem for Luck Potion
  • MINESHAFT—Redeem for Hat Chest
  • UPDATEHYPE—Redeem for Color Chest
  • LUCKYLUCKYLUCKY—Redeem for luck potion
  • HAPPYEASTER2021—Redeem for XP potion
  • REWRITE3—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • REWRITE2—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • REWRITE1—Redeem code for 10 Backpack slots (NEW)
  • THANKSFOR250M_1—Redeem code for 250 Million Effect
  • THANKSFOR250M_2—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • KNIGHTMARE—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • POISONPRISON—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • BOSSFIGHT—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • SPOOKY—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • HAUNTED—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • FRANKENSTEIN—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • ABYSS—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • DOMINUSGRIND—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • samurai—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • 2hourluck—Redeem code for Luck Potions
  • area51—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • plzgivemythical—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • summerishere—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • luckluckluck—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • ultimaterarity—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • mythicalplz—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • imfeelinglucky—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • halloweenupdate—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • NEWLOBBYHYPE—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • brightbeachisback—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • shoprevamp—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • PROTECTOR—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • FIERYFORTRESS—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • SCROLLSHYPE—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • BIGBOOST—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • omgrobots—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • coralrevamp—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • sewersrevamp—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • naughty—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • nice—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • update14—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • luckfordays—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • spookyseason—Redeem for a Luck Potion
  • HYPERFROST—Redeem code for a Luck Potion
  • COCONUT—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • PALMTREES—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • GHOUL—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • ZOMBIE—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • DANGERDEPTHS—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • NEWGAMEMODE—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • ENDLESSUNCAPPED—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • XPPOTION—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • update10—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • update11—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • 2hourexp—Redeem code for XP Potions
  • ufo—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • update9—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • newdungeonhype—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • ilovexp—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • METEORBLAST—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • shellgrind—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • summertime—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • 2NEWABILITIES—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • UPDATE22—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • UPDATE21—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • EGGHUNT2020—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • UPDATE20—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • hi—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • update19—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • UPDATE18—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • junglerevamp—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • icecold—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • update16—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • winterishere—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • peppermints—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • update15—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • evenmorexp—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • autumn—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • experienceboost2—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • experienceboost—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • pumpkincarving—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • update12—Redeem for a XP Potion
  • SUNSHINE—Redeem code for an XP Potion
  • FEDERATIONGRIND—Redeem code for a Luck Effect
  • localization—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • blackbelt—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • givemelevels—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • happy4thofjuly—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • update7—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • reepotion—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • endlessmode—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • i<3effects—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • randomeffect—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • anothereffect—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • hypehype—Redeem code for a Random Effect
  • pearlhunt—Redeem for Random Effect
  • ranoutofideas—Redeem for Random Effect
  • king—Redeem code for Lightshow Effect
  • cavesrevamp—Redeem for an Effect Potion
  • newmonstershype—Redeem for a Random Reward

Roblox Treasure Quest Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, we can't figure out what to do in a game. Below, we have a list of some of the most common questions players ask when playing Roblox Treasure Quest!

How to Redeem codes in Treasure Quest

Redeeming codes in Treasure Quest is more complicated than most other games. To do so, follow the steps below.

Roblox Treasure Quest Codes (1)
  1. Follow @NosniyRBLX and @SenseiRBX on Twitter. Wait a couple of minutes for it to register.
  2. In the '@TwitterName' box, enter your Twitter Username. If it doesn't work, make sure you complete step one, then give it another 10 minutes to register.
  3. In the 'Enter Code Here' box, enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  4. Press the green Checkmark button to claim your reward!

How to get more Treasure Quest codes

Like many Roblox games, the developers for Treasure Quest are encouraged to add more content to their games when they see a lot of support from the players, and most new content comes with more codes! By liking and favoriting the game on its official Roblox page, you can draw more attention to it and encourage the developers to add more codes.

You can follow the developer on Twitter for notifications about new updates and codes, and you can also interact with the community on the official Discord channel. Most new codes for Treasure Quest are posted immediately on one of those places, and sometimes are posted on their YouTube channel!

Why aren't my Treasure Quest codes working?

The most common cause of invalid codes is that the player did not join link their Twitter account with their in-game account. As shown in the instructions, players must follow the developers on Twitter and rejoin the game, then enter their twitter name into the text box before they can redeem any codes. If you have done that and the code still doesn't work, it may mean there is another issue.

To avoid typos, copy and paste the code directly from the page into the game, if possible. Almost all codes for Roblox games are case sensitive and require the correct punctuation, if it's included. If you are certain you entered the code correctly and it still doesn't work, then you have either used the code already or it is expired. Be sure to let us know if that's the case, so we can investigate the issue and update the page!

What is Treasure Quest?

Roblox Treasure Quest is a fantasy-themed action adventure Roblox game where your only goal is to get the rarest and most valuable treasure. You do this by joining raids and taking down difficult bosses. As you defeat enemies, you are awarded varying amounts of treasure based on how difficult they are. Collect as much treasure as you can to purchase better gear that helps you defeat harder bosses and—yep, you guessed it: get more treasure!

If you're looking for codes for other games, we have a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get a bunch of free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codespage.

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Roblox Treasure Quest Codes (2024)


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