Class of 2024 commit Andy Jaffe is a talented player, but he's also one of Ole Miss' best recruiters: 'I took a liking to it and kept on doing it' - The Rebel Walk (2024)

Posted by Zach Moreth | Oct 25, 2023 | Football, Recruiting

OXFORD, Miss. — Ole Miss safety commit Andy Jaffe has quickly become a fan favorite in the 2024 class with the help of his online presence, specifically on X, formerly known as Twitter. For those who are unaware, Andy tweets at prospects Ole Miss is in contention for, letting them know he wants them to become a Rebel. His efforts are legendary with Rebel fans.

Best recruiter in football.

— RebelTrading (@RebelBAC) August 26, 2023

One of the best examples of Jaffe’s work occurred when highly-coveted wide receiver Noreel White de-committed from Arkansas. Over the span of eight days, Andy tweeted at Noreel six times to come to Ole Miss. And less than a month later, White announced his commitment to the Rebs.

Sooo… @NoreelWhite_ 🦈🦈🦈🦈 #ComeToTheSip

— Andy Jaffe (@andyjaffe2) August 6, 2023

Andy also tweeted a number of posts to tight end Dillon Hipp, defensive lineman Kam Franklin, and quarterback Trever Jackson, before they each decided to be a part of Ole Miss’ 2024 class.

Told ya #HippToTheSip 😎😎😎😎😎😎

— Andy Jaffe (@andyjaffe2) August 6, 2023

In an interview with The Rebel Walk, Jaffe spoke about what started his unique recruiting method.

It started because I was on a Twitter space and they (fans) were talking about commits that they want so I started saying ‘Hipp to the Sip’ and then I just started posting from there. I took a liking to it and kept on doing it.

Andy Jaffe on how he got started with social media recruiting

Playing with a chip on his shoulder

Not surprisingly, the passion Andy shows in recruiting is the same type that he plays with on the football field. At Clearwater Central Catholic in 2022, Jaffe and the Marauders lost the Florida 1M State Championship game to Chaminade-Madonna, whom he anticipates they will face again if both teams perform as they are expected.

“We lost in the state championship game last year. All my life I’ve been playing with a chip on my shoulder. I’m the type of person that doesn’t need outside motivation, I’m sort of motivated within me just to do my own things. Since we lost that state championship, this year my goal is to get back there and kick their ass… Hopefully, they’re a pretty good team,” Jaffe said.

Another anticipated situation on the horizon for Jaffe is his early enrollment into Ole Miss. Andy said he talked the decision over with his Dad, and they came to an agreement as to why it would be far more beneficial to enroll early than to wait until the summer.

“I like the fact that I’ll get to play early. I’ll be there early, I’ll be in the spring game, not many other commits will be in the spring game. It’s just the fact that I’m going to know everything before the other kids and I’m going to be able to have an opportunity to play early is my big thing,” Jaffe said.

Flipped to the ‘Sip

Although Andy’s recruiting process has been an easy one for the Ole Miss staff, he was previously committed to play for Wake Forest until late June 2023, when he flipped to Ole Miss.

Jaffe says that the traction from the Rebs started when safeties coach Wes Neighbors made the switch from Maryland to Ole Miss.Neighbors had previously offered Jaffe when he was at Maryland and as soon as he took over at Ole Miss, both kept in persistent contact. Soon after Neighbor’s arrival, Jaffe received a follow from Lane Kiffin on Twitter, and once he got on campus, the flip was guaranteed.

So, I really liked what was going on at Ole Miss. I like what Pete Golding does with his defense, and the culture at Ole Miss is completely different than Wake Forest. Not to hate on Wake Forest, it is almost old-fashioned. I feel like Ole Miss is that newer program, not newer, but you know somewhat of a young coaching staff. They know how to have a good time while kicking other teams butts.

Andy Jaffe on flipping from Wake to Ole Miss

In the midst of his undefeated high school season, Andy was also able to make a trip up to Oxford for the Georgia Tech game and is planning a return against ULM this November. On his first time experiencing gameday in Oxford, Jaffe was impressed, to say the least.

I like the overall atmosphere, especially the Grove. Before the game when we were walking around the Grove, it was extremely incredible to me and something that not many people get to witness. Bringing that inside the Vaught…that atmosphere feels really good.

Andy Jaffe

Who’s next?

Closing in on signing day for the 2024 class, we asked Andy, who’s the next recruit? Jaffe responded by saying he has an interest in all of the guys he tweets about, but made specific mention of two four-stars: Jamonta Waller and Caleb Odom. Waller is a Picayune, Miss. linebacker committed to Florida. Odom is a wide-receiver commit to Alabama that Jaffe hopes will take a visit to Ole Miss.

Rebel fans, make sure you tune in to Andy Jaffe’s Twitter to find out who will be the next prospect in red and blue!

Zach Moreth

Zach is a freshman at Ole Miss and is studying Sports Administration. Outside of watching and playing sports, he enjoys spending time with his loved ones and being active. I’m excited to help cover our amazing Ole Miss sports teams!


Class of 2024 commit Andy Jaffe is a talented player, but he's also one of Ole Miss' best recruiters: 'I took a liking to it and kept on doing it' - The Rebel Walk (2024)


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