Breast Tattoo Ideas For Females - Custom Tattoo Art (2024)

The breast is an enticing, seductive area that’s ideal for tattoos. We have a wide range of body art that will complement your natural curves. Unbelievably amazing breast tattoo ideas are available online.

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Aside from the breasts, there are other places on the chest where tattoos can be applied. The area between the sternum and upper chest is ideal for a symmetrical design.

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Under Breast Tattoo

An under-breast tattoo is one of the most sought-after tattoo ideas for women today. The placement is intimate and sensual. It is the ideal location to ink that holds special meaning to you.

Under-breast Tattoo can range in size and style. You should decide what works best for your body and personality before making a commitment. Remember, the rib cage area is susceptible. Therefore, be prepared for the pain and select an artist who works safely around here.

Under-breast Tattoos are increasingly becoming popular. They feature floral, mandala, script designs, and quotes. Not only can you choose these for side boobs and sternums. You can also get more extensive plans that wrap around the entire chest area.

An under-breast tattoo is an attractive way to showcase your beautiful skin. It can be incredibly romantic for women who adore their figures. Additionally, having your partner’s name Tattooed under your breast makes for a memorable gesture. It will surely make her feel extra special.

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Under breast tattoo ideas commonly feature barbed wire. Barbed wire symbolizes strength and perseverance. The wire may also grant you freedom and independence from daily responsibilities.

This barbed wire tattoo design is more than just visually appealing. It also has meaning behind it! With intricate details and bold blackwork, this tattoo is a must have. It will stand out as a unique representation of you.

If you’re searching for an under-breast feminine and sultry tattoo. Lace or rose designs are a great choice. Wear your tattoo with a cute dress or short top featuring a plunging V-neckline! Show off those pesky breasts! Additionally, this tattoo brings attention to your bust line. It will look stunning no matter what outfit you pair it with!

Rose Tattoo

The rose is an iconic symbol of love, beauty, and romance. It can be found in a variety of colors. As such, it has become one of the most sought-after flowers for tattoos. It is also one of the most sought-after flowers for Tattoos. Additionally, rose tattoos symbolize strength. Depending on their hue and style, different meanings may be conveyed through these designs.

Red is a timeless choice for rose tattoos. It looks stunning in various designs. Jewel tones are another great option. Pinks and purples also make unexpected choices.

Watercolor tattoos offer a subtle floral element. Colors are mixed with water and diluted by hand. The result is an iridescent, fluid effect that can be stunning.

A watercolor tattoo is an attractive and delicate choice for those who adore roses. But don’t want the traditional full-color ink look. You can opt for something subtle yet beautiful. Or go all out with a bold statement piece that will stand out on your skin.

This rose Tattoo design is highly artistic and unique. It features intricate shading and 3D effects. You can do it in black and red or any colors of your choosing. With buds, thorns, and a dash of colored leaves. It looks incredibly realistic! It is incredibly realistic!

This tattoo is an exquisite and stunning way to ink a flower between your breasts. It is a beautiful way to ink a flower between your breasts.

Snake Tattoo

Snake tattoos are popular among women due to their strength and femininity. A snake tattoo can symbolize anything from power to wisdom. It is the perfect choice for girls looking to express their inner power.

Snakes can represent fertility and the struggle to obtain it. They are a popular choice for breast tattoo designs among those trying to conceive. Furthermore, snakes represent life cycles, rebirth, and eternity. They are perfect symbols to include in a plan for someone looking to get pregnant.

Another popular breast tattoo design for females is the Ouroboros. A mythological figure depicting a snake eating its tail. This strong and supernatural picture has been used for centuries. It represents life’s cycle.

The Ouroboros tattoo is both strong and spellbinding to see. This snake image portrays the resurrection of the spirit. It addresses both dark (new or reawakened) and white (old or biting the dust).

This imaginative interpretation of the yin and yang image is ideal for any lady. It is ideal for any lady needing to communicate her strict convictions. With its fine dark lines, this moderate piece flaunts the artistry of its maker.

This tattoo is an impressive example of skilled linework. It is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a feminine design. The black and red spheres add visual interest. What really stands out is the snake’s simple movement as it snakes toward your knee.

Snake tattoos are an excellent cuff tattoo design. They can be placed anywhere from the wrist to the forearm. Additionally, snakes make excellent alternatives to band tattoos. If you’re searching for something more intricate.

Antler Tattoo

Antler tattoos are stunning breast tattoo designs ideal for females. They come in various variations. From just one deer antler to multiple antlers.

Antlers have many interpretations. They are generally seen as symbols of strength, power, and majesty. Additionally, antlers may signify protection or good luck.

Consider getting an antler design on your chest for a large and bold tattoo. This design will make you appear strong and will make you look like a strong man. It is ideal if hunting is part of your lifestyle.

Another choice is a tribal tattoo with antlers and deer skulls. These symbols hold significant meaning in tribal cultures. They help you connect to your soul and spirituality.

Botanic tattoos combine antlers with other botanical motifs. They are an elegant, unique look.

This design looks fantastic with black and gray tattoos. The shading and lines work together beautifully for a striking visual.

This tattoo has a dark-toned coloration. It gives it an enigmatic vibe. It is an exquisite choice for any woman. It is an exquisite choice for any woman wanting to express her inner beauty.

Deer antler tattoos are a popular choice for both men and women alike. They represent fertility, humility, swiftness, renewal, and love. And its beauty! Not to mention its aesthetic value!

Lotus Tattoo

Women often opt for lotus tattoos as they offer a special message and an array of styles. Tattoos can be small or complex, depending on the artist.

The flower is often depicted as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, spiritual growth, strength, courage, and resilience.

Lotus tattoos are versatile and can be placed on various body parts like the shoulder, back, thigh, leg, and wrist. The wrist is a popular spot due to the lack of muscle and fat making the tattoo process relatively easy.

Don’t scratch or let others touch your ink on the new tattoo to avoid irritation, scabbing or fading.

Another ideal location for a lotus tattoo is under-breast, as it is less visible and offers an intimate setting to display your artwork. It can be an excellent way to showcase your creativity, so don’t hesitate to get one done if it suits your style.

Researching the meaning behind the lotus before having it permanently tattooed on your body is essential. Doing this will enable you to select the design best suited to your requirements and ensure that your lotus flower reflects your individuality and style.

Breast Tattoo Ideas For Females - Custom Tattoo Art (2024)


How do I get a unique tattoo idea? ›

As long as you work with a good artist and get something that makes you happy, that's all that matters.
  1. Consider whether it's going to have any meaning. ...
  2. Look up some different tattoo styles and genres. ...
  3. Have a think about the style, size and placement. ...
  4. Take a look at your favorite books, movies and video games.

What makes a good chest tattoo? ›

Like we've previously stated, when getting chest tattoos you should always get something that is closest to your heart. And that may not always be a thing or an may easily be a person. This is when getting name tattoos on chest placement may be the best thing!

How do I find my tattoo inspo? ›

If you're still having trouble finding inspiration, try searching for popular tattoo ideas on Pinterest or Instagram. Browse through your options and see what catches your eye—you never know until you try! You can also do a simple Google search for various designs which you like the look of. How do they make you feel?

How much should a custom tattoo cost? ›

Tiny TattoosUnder 2 inches$50 - $100
Small Tattoos2-4 inches$50 - $250
Medium Sized Tattoos4-6 inches$150 - $450
Large Single-Piece Tattoos4-6 inches$500 - $5,000
1 more row
Jan 29, 2022

How much does a custom tattoo cost? ›

For custom and more extensive designs, artists commonly charge an hourly rate. The average hourly rates generally fall between $150 and $500, influenced by the artist's skill level, the intricacy of the tattoo design, and the demand for their services.

What does the Bible say about tattoos? ›

But in the ancient Middle East, the writers of the Hebrew Bible forbade tattooing. Per Leviticus 19:28, “You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves.” Historically, scholars have often understood this as a warning against pagan practices of mourning.

Can I ask my tattoo artist for ideas? ›

Artists want to create something unique, something which has their signature on it. While it's fine to get ideas from pictures of other tattoos, talk to your artist about what their ideas are for creating it. Tell them what you would like to change so the piece is uniquely yours.

What does a tattoo on the breast mean? ›

For some women, a tattoo on their breast is an expression of femininity. For others, like those who have had an experience with breast cancer, tattoos are a way to cover scars or create a meaningful symbol of their experience.

Why are girls getting chest tattoos? ›

Chest tattoos can be used to accentuate a woman's cleavage and can be ornate or simple in design. Sternum tattoos are gaining popularity as are underboob tattoos (tattoos inked on the ribcage directly under the breast),which are a stunning way to feature a woman's natural curves and accentuate her femininity.

Do you wear a bra to chest tattoo? ›

Wearing of a bra for chest tattoo not ideal as it can distort the shape of the chest and how the tattoo lays on the body. Pasties available at no charge on request. Upper back/neck: Low back/spagetti strap tank top ideal for upper back.

Where do tattoos look the coolest? ›

The back offers a large area for stunning motifs that can be viewed from all angles. For those looking for a more discreet option, the wrist, ankle or behind the ear are good choices. These areas are smaller and offer a more subtle way to express yourself with ink.

Where do writing tattoos look best? ›

Let's review.
  • 5 Great Places on the Body to Get Quotes, Expressions, and Words Tattooed.
  • The Foot. The foot is not necessarily the best place to get words tattooed, as the canvas is small and it is exposed to the elements unlike most other parts of the body. ...
  • The Thigh. ...
  • Side of the Ribs. ...
  • Upper Back. ...
  • Forearm.
Jan 11, 2021

What do tattoo artists like? ›

"One of my favorite things to ink are big pieces that are really vibrant and have an impactful design," Hipwell said. "I find statement pieces that cover large areas of the body really pleasing."

Do tattoo artists let you design your own tattoo? ›

As a client who's looking for a custom piece, you'll be consulting with an artist to share your ideas and resources before your tattoo. After your consult, your artist will begin to create a design just for you based on your thoughts and vision.

Is there a program to design a tattoo? ›

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is worldwide recognized for the possibilities of creating any type of design. But it can also be used as an excellent option for retouching photographs and as an application to design tattoos.

How do you ask a tattoo artist for a custom tattoo? ›

It's usually best to email your tattoo enquiries in as you can explain in detail what tattoo you want, send reference photos and describe how you want the tattoo to look.

Can I ask a tattoo artist to do my own design? ›

Absolutely nothing wrong with this most of the time. It's normal for artists to collect an art deposit to design your tattoo and to make adjustments before actually getting the piece inked. If you choose not to get the piece inked, well, that's why you paid an art deposit.


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