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A tattoo is a stylish, attractive, and meaningful accessory. Each tattoo style has distinctive features that differently affect these three characteristics. Some designs may be more stylish, while others can be more meaningful.

However, what if we tell you that one design is a possible leader in all characteristics and its name is patchwork? We will describe what patchwork tattoos are, show you 60+ designs, explain how to get them and how long it will take, and calculate their cost.

Get acquainted with

8 effective steps for choosing a tattoo idea

. It will help you quickly decide which of the patchwork tattoo designs is best for you.

What Are Patchwork Tattoos?

60+ Amazing Patchwork Tattoo Ideas With Meanings In 2023 — InkMatch (1)

Patchwork tattoos originated from patchwork patterns. People created them with pieces of fabric of different colors sewn together. As for patchwork tattoos, they have the following distinguishing features:

  1. Diversity. Patchwork tattoo consists of various elements.
  2. No connection between elements. The elements are not combined, and the space between them is free of ink.
  3. The same style of elements. All elements that are in your patchwork are in the same tattoo style. It can be either American traditional tattoos, minimalist, realistic, or blackwork ones. It all depends on your aesthetic preferences.

How To Get A Patchwork Tattoo?

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The easiest way to get a patchwork idea is to make a sleeve tattoo. If you have a design on your arm, complete it with others you like. There are no specific rules on how to choose the elements of a patchwork tattoo. It all depends on you.

If you don’t have arm tattoos, choose a few objects you like the most, show them to the tattoo artist, and get a patchwork design!

You should contact a

qualified tattoo artist

to get the patchwork design the way you want it. Here you can find a list of the best specialists near you.

Answer From An Expert: How Long Does It Take To Get A Patchwork Tattoo?

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Usually, patchwork tattoos are medium or large designs. Even though they don’t require a lot of small details, such an idea can take a lot of time. You will have to wait 6–12 hours to get a patchwork design. However, if you want a large back or chest tattoo, the process can take up to 80 hours.

60+ Trendy Patchwork Designs for Men & Women

It is difficult to single out specific patchwork tattoo designs because each is a set of unique elements. Therefore, we have identified more general groups of ideas on different body parts and in various styles. Check out 50+ patchwork tattoos, get acquainted with their meanings, and choose the one that best suits your style and character!




Men prefer to get large patchwork tattoos on their entire arms, chest, or back. Similar designs were got by sailors who plied the oceans and did not give up in the most challenging circ*mstances. Therefore, such ideas emphasize masculinity and mean that you are a brave person who is not afraid to face challenges.




Women’s patchwork tattoos consist of elements that are smaller than those used in men’s designs. Also, girls prefer to get such ideas on their arms and legs, forming a full or half-sleeve tattoo.

It is important to note that such designs take a long time. So, a full sleeve may require from 5 to 10 sessions, depending on the style. The realistic tattoo one takes the most time because it requires detailed shadows.

With Tiger

The tiger is presented in patchwork tattoos in the American traditional style. If you add it to your patchwork tattoo, it will have the following meanings:

  • 🐅 Influence;
  • 🐅 Dignity;
  • 🐅 Intelligence;
  • 🐅 Passion.




We have mentioned the traditional style many times before, so let’s get acquainted with its distinguishing features:

  • 🢡 Thick outlines around each tattoo element;
  • Lack of shadows and volume;
  • 🎨 Use of red, green, blue, and yellow colors.

Large tattoos in the traditional style follow the principles of the patchwork design because they are composed of scattered elements, the spaces between which are not filled with ink.


Minimalism tattoo is a separate style that has the following distinctive features:

  • | Smooth and clear contours;
  • Monochrome design (one or two colors are used);
  • No ink filling.

Also, minimalistic patchwork designs look more neat and concise. Therefore, girls prefer such tattoos.

Minimalistic tattoos look simple, but their clear and smooth contours require professionalism. Therefore, you should contact an

experienced tattoo artist





The main feature of a regular sleeve tattoo is that the entire surface should be filled with ink. However, patchwork designs do not follow this rule. Such ideas are also on the arm and form a sleeve but with empty spaces between the elements.

Also, it is worth noting that there are three main types of sleeve tattoos:

  • 1 Full sleeve (shoulder to wrist);
  • Half sleeve (from shoulder to elbow or from elbow to wrist);
  • Quarter sleeve.

On The Forearm

The forearm is one of the most popular places to get patchwork tattoos. The following are the reasons:

  1. Designs on this body part are less painful than on others due to the thick layer of muscles;
  2. The tattoo can be extended to the shoulder to get a full sleeve;
  3. You can hide the design from sun rays under your clothes. It will protect it from fading and save color depth.

💡 Note:

Check out

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and get inspired to make your patchwork idea.

On The Leg



People most often get patchwork leg tattoos in the form of full sleeves. They are located from the hips to the ankles. Such designs have the following advantages:

  • Covering scars, stretch marks, and cellulite.
  • Emphasizing the developed muscles of the legs.
  • Creating a tattoo that will be visible from afar.

💡 Note:

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On The Arm



People get patchwork arm tattoos from the shoulder to the elbow. Most often they form a half or quarter sleeve. Such designs are in demand among tattoo artists and their regular customers. The reasons are the following:

  • 💪🏼 The arm’s relief and the use of shadows allow you to get voluminous patchwork designs;
  • 💪🏼 The process of getting a tattoo is almost painless because there is a large layer of muscles on the arm;
  • 💪🏼 The skin on the arm ages slowly and has no wrinkles. So your design will look new for a long time;
  • 💪🏼 The arm is easy to protect from UV (Ultraviolet) which makes tattoos fade.

On The Chest



In the case of patchwork tattoos, the chest is one of the best body places to get designs. The following reasons account for this:

  • You can get ideas on the chest and combine them with other elements on the shoulder, neck, or abdomen.
  • The flat surface of this body part allows the tattoo artist to comfortably perform small details.
  • You can expand your design on the chest and get a full upper body patchwork tattoo.

💡 Note:

You can also get acquainted with

50+ chest tattoos for men

to expand your patchwork design with other elements.

On The Stomach



Patchwork stomach tattoos are usually combined with chest ideas to get a full upper-body design. Such a composition will look very impressive and help you emphasize the advantages of your body and hide its flaws.

However, getting a tattoo on the stomach can be painful because of many nerve endings.

💡 Note:

You can check out the article on

how to choose the best body place for a tattoo

to know all the pitfalls of getting inks.

On The Shoulder



A patchwork shoulder tattoo can serve as a link to combine chest and arm designs. However, you can also get a separate idea. In this case, you should familiarize yourself with the benefits of such a tattoo:

  • The thick skin layer ensures a painless tattooing process;
  • The roundness of the shoulder joint allows us to get voluminous patchwork designs.

Let’s Count It: Patchwork Tattoos Cost

60+ Amazing Patchwork Tattoo Ideas With Meanings In 2023 — InkMatch (57)

Patchwork tattoos are most often sleeves or large designs. Therefore, when calculating the cost, we will consider such ideas in different styles. Let’s count!

Tattoo size/Tattoo styleBlackworkAmerican traditionalRealism
Medium (up to 10 cm / 4”)$840$1,290.00$3,290.00
Large (>30cm / 12″)$1,200$1,850.50$4,850.00

💡 Note:

You can

count the cost of your patchwork tattoo

using the price calculator.


A patchwork tattoo is a versatile design that consists of many elements which you can choose due to your preferences. Thanks to this, the patchwork design will always be unique. Moreover, each element has its meaning, which is worth knowing to create an attractive design that will emphasize your character.

To simplify the above-listed processes, we collected 60+ patchwork tattoo ideas with meanings, clarified what features this style has, indicated how long it takes to get a design, and calculated its approximate cost.


After choosing a patchwork design, you should find a

tattoo artist nearby

who will help you make your dream come true.


🧐 Are Patchwork Tattoos Trendy?

Patchwork tattoo is a popular design that is taking over the world trends. It is in demand even among celebrities. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Halsey, and others have such tattoos.

❓ How To Turn Patchwork Tattoos Into Sleeves?

A patchwork tattoo is the easiest to turn into a sleeve because it consists of different elements. However, it is worth noting that the most attractive patchwork tattoos are in the same style, for example, blackwork or traditional.

💰 How Much Does a Patchwork Tattoo Sleeve Cost?

Patchwork tattoos are usually medium or large, so their price can be higher than average. You should expect to pay $840-$4,850.

60+ Amazing Patchwork Tattoo Ideas With Meanings In 2023 — InkMatch (2024)


What is the meaning of patchwork tattoo? ›

In conclusion, patchwork sleeve tattoos are a unique and meaningful way to express your individuality and creativity. Whether you choose to incorporate images of time, nature, or any other theme, a patchwork sleeve tattoo can be a powerful symbol of your personal journey and experiences.

Is patchwork tattoos a trend? ›

Whether you're gearing up to get your first-ever tattoo or you're a seasoned pro with a recurring appointment on the calendar every year, figuring out what your next piece should be can feel challenging.

How much does a patchwork tattoo cost? ›

We offer flat-rate sessions ranging from $200 to $400 per session, where you can choose as many designs as can fit within that price range. This allows the client to have control over the rate of progress.

What is the difference between sleeve and patchwork? ›

Patchwork tattoos are small to medium sized tattoos (sometimes large) arranged and fitted, close to each other, but not touching, to create a type of “tattoo sleeve”. Traditionally a tattoo sleeve has no open space and is more likely to have a cohesive theme.

What are angel number tattoos? ›

“Angel numbers are direct messages from angels, which serve as a guiding force in our lives, so angel number tattoos serve as a way to visually convey that in a beautiful way,” Morris shares.

Who gets patchwork tattoos? ›

Lately, we've seen a rise in one specific tattoo trend called patchwork tattoos. You've likely spotted examples of the ink style before in real life, but it's also favoured by quite a few celebrities, like Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Halsey.

What style is patchwork tattoo? ›

Patchwork tattoos are a collection of tattoos collaged together to create an overall design. Each individual 'patch' of the tattoo can be a different design, symbol or element with a little space in between. Patchwork tattoos are a collection of tattoos collaged together to create an overall design.

Are patchwork tattoos good? ›

Patchwork tattoos can be arranged in a lot of different ways, and it's possible for any combination of designs to look good. They're a great way to allow someone's complete personality to shine through instead of just one aspect. They're also great in color or black and white, so it doesn't matter where you start.

What style of tattoos age best? ›

Certain tattoo styles that use black and/or grey ink, such as Tribal tattoos, Greyscale tattoos, and American Traditional tattoos (as well as bold lettering or Zodiac tattoos) are known to age well. These different tattoo styles feature bold, detailed linework that is deeply injected into the skin.

How big is the cheapest tattoo? ›

Tiny TattoosUnder 2 inches$50 - $100
Small Tattoos2-4 inches$50 - $250
Medium Sized Tattoos4-6 inches$150 - $450
Large Single-Piece Tattoos4-6 inches$500 - $5,000
1 more row
Jan 29, 2022

Do patch tattoos hurt? ›

When the patch is pressed onto the skin, the needles dissolve and deposit the ink in a quick, easy and pain-free way. The resulting tattoos are so far quite pixelated and simplistic in design.

Does a patchwork sleeve need to have a theme? ›

The tattoos that make up a patchwork sleeve can be of the same style, or they can be a (deliberate and thought-out or not) happy mismatch of themes. In either case, they offer a chance to come up with something entirely unique, making it into a project that grows with your style and life.

What does Miley Cyrus tattoo mean? ›

Just Breathe

Miley' first tattoo was inked just below her left breast, when she was only 17. The chest tattoo reads “Just Breathe,” and is a tribute to her friend Vanessa, who died of cystic fibrosis in 2007, and her two grandfathers, both of whom died of lung cancer.

What is the purpose of patchwork? ›

Patchwork is often used to make quilts, but it can also be used to make rugs, bags, wall-hangings, warm jackets, cushion covers, skirts, waistcoats and other items of clothing. Some textile artists work with patchwork, often combining it with embroidery and other forms of stitchery.

Why are patchwork tattoos popular? ›

While patchwork tattoos are most known for their bold lines, colorful choices, and traditional themes, sleeves don't have to embody those trends. In fact, the only trait they share is that they're made up of individual pieces rather than one large element. They're great for starting out with body art and then growing.

What is the meaning of patchwork work? ›

[ U ] cloth made by sewing together a lot of smaller pieces of cloth with different patterns and colours, or the activity of doing this: a patchwork quilt/jacket. The old lady sat in the corner doing patchwork.

What is the difference between patchwork and full tattoos? ›

Patchwork sleeves are a style of tattoo that covers a person's arm. But rather than being a fully themed and interconnected sleeve done by the same artist in one or a few go's, they are made up of individual tattoos.


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